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Our approach is simple, really. Try to guide the fruit into the glass and, hopefully, somewhere along the way the cidermaker’s personality shines through as well. Oh, and have fun doing it! We follow a rustic method of cidermaking, and adhere to our core philosophy of CulTerra—of local culture, of local land. We ferment and/or age our ciders in barrels, and bottle condition them. We do not use preservatives or additives of any kind. We find this approach adds nuances and a layering of flavor that cannot be achieved any other way. Our cider can be as complex and ubiquitous as wine, or as simple and subtle as a cool drink on a hot summer day.

It demands a place at the table—whether you’re serving French fries or foie gras. Our cider reflects this diversity, and we hope you enjoy it with your next meal, or join our Cider Club and always have it available for any occasion!

Current Ciders

Rustico 7.5% Alc/Vol

Rustico is a blend of finished ciders from various barrels, all aged from six months to a year. This dry, bottle-conditioned sparkler expresses our dedication to minimal intervention – the hallmark of our rustic cider-making methods. Rustico is a perfect fit for any occasion.

Samurai Sour 6.5% Alc/Vol

Fermented in the spirit of a gose-style beer, this Asian pear and apple cider is infused with coriander, hibiscus, and a pinch of sea salt. Why the samurai? Well, to give a nod to the Asian pear, a fruit we’ve planted in our orchard. Also, for us, the samurai exemplifies determination, pride, loyalty, and uniqueness of spirit—all qualities we respect and admire. Enjoy this “sour” cider with mussels or other seafood topped with citrus-butter sauces. It also meshes nicely with cured meats.

Black Twig 6.9% Alc/Vol

Our first single-varietal cider celebrates the Black Twig apple. Made in memory of our beloved pets – Eli, Thunder, Stella, Lena, and Atticus – who we lost in a house fire.

Blackberry Lavender 6.9% Alc/Vol

A touch of bourbon barrel-aging and the infusion of fresh blackberries and lavender complete this luscious cider. Enjoy a glass with citrus-based sauces and light desserts.

Endless Summer 6.9% Alc/Vol

Endless sunny days, boundless firefly-lit nights—this peach-infused cider will complement all your summer fun. Pairs well with salads and light finger foods, or just sip it in your sandals!

Amuse-Bouche 6.0% Alc/Vol

This young, effervescent cider—fermented in neutral wine barrels—went through a secondary fermentation with Viognier skins provided by Blenheim Vineyards in Charlottesville, Virginia. A fruity, playful cider, it pairs well with light hors d’oeuvres and seafood.

Bella Vita 6.9% Alc/Vol

Infused with ginger and raspberries, sipping this cider certainly is a taste of the “good life!” A dry, bottle conditioned sparkler, it has a delicate nose, like the smell of jasmine or ripening fruit caught in a summer breeze.  Pairs well with pizza and spicy cuisine.

Still Waters 7.3% Alc/Vol

Our first still cider purposefully takes advantage of wine-soaked barrels procured from a local Virginia winery. Kissed by a slight rose tint, this dry, still cider stands on its own, but also pairs exceptionally well with Virginia ham and baked cheese dishes (think quiche or flatbreads).

Hoppy Girl 6.9% Alc/Vol

Three types of hops (dropped in the blending tank) finish this off-dry cider. Bottle-conditioning with unsulfured molasses is our whimsical way of mimicking a light-bodied, slightly hoppy beer! Enjoy with light snacks or perhaps a nice, juicy burger.

Honest Farmer 6.9% Alc/Vol

This cider pays homage to our honest farmer and friend, Raymond Hawk. A blend of seven apples, fermented and aged on the lees for four months in red wine and rum barrels, the cider a dry, bottle conditioned sparkler. Pairs well with fish, grilled chicken, or salty cheeses.

Ciders of the Past (Out of Stock)

The Emperor 6.9% Alc/Vol

Just a slight kiss of persimmon finishes this sparkling dry cider, which was fermented and aged in old red wine barrels. This contemplative cider is the perfect nod to our family “emperor” and business sage, Paul Cioffi. Pairs well with simple dishes, like pizza, but also “reigns” over richer dishes like duck, pork or foie gras!

Red Barn 7.0% Alc/Vol

Aged for a year in rum barrels, Red Barn celebrates our young orchard and life on the farm! A blend of over eight different apples, this rustic, sparkling cider pairs well with soups and a good time.

Ombibulous 8.5% Alc/Vol

Fermented in wine barrels and aged in bourbon barrels provided by our friends at Reservoir Distillery in RVA, we finished this cider by infusing it with fresh pineapple. Enjoy this limited-reserve, ombibulicious cider with a cigar or a sweet treat, while remembering to live in the present.

You can find our ciders at the locations listed here. You may also contact us to schedule a private event here on our farm.


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