Here are a few things to keep in mind to love your cider!

Is your cider all natural?
We essentially follow a natural approach to cider-making (minimal intervention, little to no sulfite additions, no filtering). We consider our cider a living thing.

What’s that stuff in the bottom of the bottle?
It’s sediment. If you’re like us, feel free to gently invert the bottle before opening to mix up the sediment. We think it adds a little more flavor. If you want your cider to be clear and minimize sediment in your glass, keep the bottle upright prior to opening. When you open it, pour it slowly into your glass!

How should I serve my cider?
Chilled, nice and chilled. Not lukewarm, not put on ice for a second. But chilled . . . and perhaps with a smile?

How long will my cider last?
Our cider is meant to be consumed young, and not cellared for long periods of time. That said, your cider can rest unopened for at least six months to more than a year.  However, we recommend drinking it within six months of purchase. Once opened, the swing-top bottles can be closed and the carbonation will last for about a day or so. After that, it will lose its fizz. It is still drinkable, but will just taste a bit different and less fizzy! The crown-capped bottles (500 mL) should be consumed at one sitting.

What do I do with the bottle?
Repurpose your bottles as water bottles, or fill with oils, soaps, or homemade stuff (kombucha? lemonade?). You may also return them to us.

The eco-friendly label material that Courthouse Creek Cider uses is primarily made of mineral powder from scrap and recycled marble and limestone. The labels are fully biodegradable and are perfect for composting. We’ve found that they peel off with ease when the bottles are taken out of the dishwasher and are still warm from the wash.

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