Trails, trials & tribulations

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”
— Henry David Thoreau

As we plunge head first into fall, we are delighted to tell you all about the creation of the Richmond West Craft Beverage Trail! Featuring our local friends (Fine Creek Brewery, Elk Island Winery, Grayhaven Winery, Kindred Spirits Brewery, and Midnight Brewery), the Trail aims to reconnect you to the natural beauty that lies less than 30 minutes outside of downtown Richmond. With an eclectic mix of wineries, craft breweries, and a cidery (of course!), you’ll find a perfect libation for everyone and every occasion! Trail maps, and a trail website, are coming soon.

As you may know, we had our fair share of trials last year. Well, at least one large trial by fire, so to speak! With thanks and gratitude, we are well past that experience and are super excited that we’ve broken ground on the new house! Additionally, we are moving forward with our new tasting room in Scott’s Addition. Rest assured, the farm will remain the heart and soul of our operation.

As you enjoy the change of seasons and whispers of winter that float in the air, come visit the farm and find out what new and crazy concoctions we’ve been working on. Smokey-Sweet-Peat cider? Yup. Another Cybier© creation (like Sinister Monolith)? Yup. Rustico, a cider maker’s choice blend? Yup. Another run of Blackberry Lavender. Maybe?

Hope to see you all soon!
Eric & Liza